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Fortune Bingo

Bingo Games

Live on Telegram

Games are Posted and Pinned in our Telegram Community


Live Bingo Games hosted on Telegram VC!

Pay to Play with big prizes while also contributing to AutoTechFortune’s growth. 75% goes to prizes and 25% to contribution to Marketing and Development of ATF!

How to Play:

⁃ Pick a line, Lines 1-15 During 75 Ball Game (Each line holds their set of 5 numbers) ⁃ Secure your line on a first come basis.

⁃ Once your spot is confirmed send the wallet address you will be sending from to reserve the line(s) and a link to the TX confirming sent (This address will be used to identify yourself on the game board and to send prizes if you win. You must pay from the same wallet you are playing from)

⁃ Address to send your wager for line(s) will be listed on every game (don't fall for scams game will only be posted by Developer @AutoTechFortuneOfficial (Username) on

⁃ Host will use a Random Number Generator / BINGO Caller App to call the lucky numbers

⁃ First line to have their numbers all called out will be the winner!


1) All Transfers for lines reserved must be received before the game is hosted

2) In the case of an error in the game due to the Random Number Caller Software all numbers called will be continued from their last called state when the Software is reset.

3) In the case of incorrect listing of reserved spots on the board the entire game will be fixed and reset

4) Disrespect or any sort of problem causing may put you at risk of being removed from the group

5) Do not send transfer until your comment is liked and replied to with confirmation of spot.

6) Incorrect transaction amounts may be placed as credit to avoid additional transfer fees.

7) You must play from the same wallet you pay from.

8) Line Reservation is based on first come first choice if your number was taken then you must choose a new number to participate.

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